Friday, March 8, 2013

365 Recap #7

Day 47/365
[day 47 :: feb 24:: Canon Rebel Xsi : no edits]
Just a glimpse into my kitchen...

Day 48/365
[day 48 :: feb 25 :: Canon Rebel Xsi :: photoshop]
Oh my gosh, this was AMAZING.  We really liked it anyway.  I used the recipe of Oh She Glows. If you like pasta and if you like avocados - then you will like this dish! You're welcome. :)

Day 49/365
[day 49 :: feb 26 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
A new necklace of mine - I really like it.  I'm going to be honest and tell you this was one of those last-minute-right-before-bed kind of pictures. if you couldn't tell, ha!

Day 50/365
[day 50 :: feb 27 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
Just me with some ridiculous fun filters in pixlr. :)

Day 51/365
[day 51 :: feb 28 :: Canon Rebel Xsi :: photoshop]
We bought a starfruit!  I don't know why...they were at Hy-Vee and looked pretty, basically.  I didn't mind it, but it's definitely not something I'd make a habit of eating - at least not by itself.  I do, however, think it would be super pretty in a fruit salad!

Day 52/365
[day 52 :: march 1:: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
Happy Two Year Anniversary Brian! <3  Yes, March 1st marked two years for Brian and I. :)  We went out to a nice dinner and to see Silver Linings Playbook - I enjoyed both.  Since I was way to busy enjoying a date night this is the only photo I got for the day - luckily I thought to document the lovely flowers he sent me!  What a guy, eh? :)

Day 53/365
[day 53 :: march :: Canon Rebel Xsi :: photoshop]
Here's my other favorite guy!  I couldn't help myself, the lighting was great and the look was priceless.  Besides I did warn you that there'd be lots of Theo.  What can I say, I'm a proud momma! :P


Once again, I've slacked off and thus am behind on posting photos.  Sooooo there will be another update later this weekend (hopefully) or at least early next week!  And tomorrow I'm headed to DM to chill with my girls and take some more pictures, so I'll have to share those at some point too!  

Have a great weekend!

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