Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 Recap #8

Day 54/365
[day 54 :: march 3 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
Just some cool clouds on my jog.  Hoping it will get nice again so I can train outside!

Day 55/365
[day 55 :: march 4 :: canon rebel xsi :: no edits]
Brian hard at work! He was sitting at the table working on homework and I thought the light from his laptop looked cool.  I'm not sure he even noticed me at first. :P

Day 56/365
[day 56 :: march 5 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
So if you're a fellow Midwesterner chances are you've seen a bit o' snow this past week.  If you're also a commuter like myself, then you know how fun it was.  Yea.  I'm not sure I should have driven those days that I did, but I made it in one piece, so I guess it's all okay!

Day 57/365
[day 57 :: march 6 :: canon rebel xsi , 50mm :: photoshop]
Brian and I have rediscovered incense. The first stick we burned I was flooded with memories of my teenage bedroom...scarf covered lamps, Jewel on my boombox (yea I said it) and me scribbling away in my journal, often with my dog laying nearby. Lol. Man, my dad hated this stuff.  Partially from the smell, but mostly because he thought I was going to burn the house down. Haha!  No worries Dad, I am safely burning my incense away from any flammables.  :P

Day 58/365
[day 58 :: march 7 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
Another commute day, but the roads were nice and clear.  The air was crisp, the sun was shining and everything was covered in a layer of frosty snow.  Basically, it was gorgeous!  So, I didt my usual midddle-of-the-road-stop and snapped this picture. :)

Day 59/365
[day 59 :: march 8 :: canon rebel xsi, 50mm :: photoshop]
Okay, this is another cheat.  I forgot to take a photo this day, this is actually from the 6th.  However, he looks super handsome, so I'm posting it as a place holder.  Out of 59 (well 60 counting below), I've only missed 2 days...not too bad!

Day 60/365
[day 60 :: march 9 :: canon rebel xsi, 50mm :: photoshop]
YAY!  Met up with two my of favorite ladies in Des Moines and had a little photo, girls day.  It was lots of fun!  The rain stopped for a bit right before dinner (at Americana, yum!), so we set up the tripod and took some fun photos at the sculpture park.  I also did a little photoshoot for my friend Lindsay (middle), so I hope to post those sometime in the next week or so.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xo, kass

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