Sunday, March 31, 2013

365 Recap #10

Day 68/365
[day 68 :: march 17 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  And...say hello to Rylee!  Westie's are super photogenic...  :)

Day 69/365
[day 69 :: march 18 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
Theo working with Poppa...or just keeping his feet warm. lol.

Day 70/365
[day 70 :: march 19 :: canon xsi :: pse 11]
Truth: This picture is from the 16th.  You'll be seeing some fillers on this post and next - I don't know, but I dropped the ball.  Which really, worked out okay, because I had extra photos I wanted to share.  This is a little table setup in my parent's three season room.  After I took this, my dad was all like whoa, whoa - are you rearranging stuff? I worked on that!  Lol, he was joking ( I think?) and for the record I didn't move anything! :P
Day 71/365
[day 71 :: march 20 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
I feel like I've posted a similar photo, but whatever.  The sun rise has been super intense lately.  Thankfully my commute puts the sun behind me (mostly).  I think in this photo it sort of looks like there was an explosion behind me. Ha!

Day 72/365
[day 72 :: march 21 :: canon xsi :: pse 11]
Yoga!  Child's pose, if you were wondering....

Day 73/365
[day 73 :: march 22 :: canon xsi :: pse 11]
This is a filler.  This was taken the day before (with the yoga picture), but I think it's silly and it makes me smile.  So it's a good filler. :)
Day 74/365
[day 74 :: march 23 :: htc incredible 2 :: instagram]
This is the side of a hotel.  Last weekend Brian and I went up to the Twin Cities to see the Minnesota Wild play (they won!!) and to visit his cousins.  It was a total blast - hockey, family and lots of good food makes for a great time.


Almost caught up!  Now I'm only about one week behind instead of nearly 3!


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