Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Recap #6

Day 37/365
[day 37 :: feb 14:: HTC Droid Incredible 2 : photoshop cs2]
Happy Valentine's!  Hope you had a day full of love and chocolate!  This was at a stop sign on my commute home, I just thought the clouds looked cool.

Day 38/365
[day 38 :: feb 15:: HTC Droid Incredible 2 : photoshop cs2]
All right, be prepared.  There are lots of dog pictures this week.  This is Morgan, my parent's dog (or if you want to get technical AND weird, my canine sister, LOL). Yes, the photo is blurry - it's cuz she wouldn't sit still.  For the record, this is one of the nicest dogs ever.  She just loves to give kisses!

Day 39/365
[day 39 :: feb 16:: HTC Droid Incredible 2 : photoshop cs2]
Ooooh yes, lobster again!  If you couldn't tell by the previous family came for a visit!  It was lots of fun!! As we don't have many places to eat here in town, one night we went over to a small town called Thor and ate at Unkies.  And when I say small town, I mean it.  This restaurant basically is the town - and it's packed every weekend!  Btw, yes my lobster was as good as it looks. :)

Day 40/365
[day 40 :: feb 17:: HTC Droid Incredible 2 : photoshop cs2]
Ohmyflippingawd.  Rylee is my parent's other dog.  She is a little westie...and so cute.  This picture was at the end of a long day of playing, so she's totally tuckered out.  BUT, don't let her cute looks fool you, this little girl has enough attitude for a dog 5x her size!

Day 41/365
[day 41 :: feb 18:: Canon Rebel Xsi : photoshop cs2]
Another adorable dog!  Theo! :)  He was out on the front stoop surveying his land when I interrupted him.  Why?  Because I got a new camera lens! It's a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.  I LOVE it.  Does take some getting used to, but I love the results.  There are more using this new lens below....

Day 42/365
[day 42 :: feb 18:: HTC Droid Incredible 2 : photoshop cs2]
A sun dog! Actually it's a double sundog.  It happened on my way to work, so I actually took the time to pull over and take this photo.  So cool! :)

Day 43/365
[day 43 :: feb 20:: Canon Rebel Xsi : photoshop cs2]
Happy little family!  I took all these using my new lens.  I loved all the photos and couldn't decide which one to use, so I just posted them all.  So yea, this is my little family...and happy we are!

Day 44/365
[day 44 :: feb 21:: Canon Rebel Xsi : photoshop cs2]
The start of the killer storm!  We did get quite a bit of snow, but per usual it was a bit over hyped   Meh, whatever. Brian still got a snow day...I did not. 

Day 45/365
[day 45 :: feb 22:: HTC droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
Just a lazy friday night with wine and movies.

Day 46/365
[day 46 :: feb 23:: Canon Rebel Xsi :: photoshop cs2]
New lens again, gah.  I'm loving it so much.  I actually planned this photo out!  I had this idea with a dark matte lip in a black & white/sepia tone.  Anyway, I like the result.


All caught up on my photos! Have a good rest of your weekend - I'm off to tackle some laundry. :)
xo, kass

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