Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 Recap #3

Oh yes, I have been good.  I took all this weeks photo's with my Canon...except Saturday's.  Oh well! :P

Day 13/365
[day 13 :: jan 21 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
My parents gave us their old espresso/coffee maker, since it was just gathering dust in the basement, and Brian is in love.  I had actually had my daily photo done when he came out with a cup of cappuccino and said, "Here, you can use this for your daily picture!".  So I did. :)

Day 14/365
[day 14 :: jan 22 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
One of my vintage camera's.  It doesn't work.  Well, maybe it does, but the rubber ring used to focus the lens is broken so I can't focus on anything.  When I tried to take a "pretend" picture everything make the right clicky sounds, so it could work.  Maybe I'll try to find a new lens for it.

Day 15/365
[day 15 :: jan 23 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
I love pomegranates.   Have you had one?  They are a pain to prepare, but so worth it!

Day 16/365
[day 16 :: jan 24 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
I'm sorry, but you are going to see a lot of this guy (I'm guessing...).   Actually, I'm not sorry! He's flippin' adorable!  He had a haircut earlier in the day along with a traumatic event - his collar got stuck to the bottom of the kennel at the groomers.  So, basically his head was glued to the ground for who knows how long.  Poor Theo!  Oh and yes, you are not mistaken and I have not cheated.  That pretty bokeh in the background is my tree!  All the ornaments are off, we just need to take it down stairs...until then I should probably unplug it from the stupid timer! ha!

Day 17/365.
[day 17 :: jan 25 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
Omg, I hate this picture.  BUT it's all I got.  I tried to tone down the crazy glare.  Obviously, I wasn't too concerned about my photo friday night. Grr.

Day 18/365
[day 18 :: jan 26 :: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
Took this with my phone camera, but spruced up the colors a bit in photoshop.  We went to dinner with our couple friends the other night.  I think partly to celebrate Tyler's birthday, but also because our favorite restaurant in town is moving to the Golf club ( I think I told you this already...), so we wanted to go enjoy the trendy spot one last time.  It was a good time! 

Okay, so my goal for next week is to stop taking macro's inside my home.  I'm going to attempt to brave the shitty weather and get some shots outside!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Model Session: Tegan

These are some past sessions that are posted in my facebook page albums.  Since this blog is newer, I just thought it might be fun to share them here.  I have a handful that I'll be sharing over the next few weeks.

Tegan is my bestie, she is beautiful and these photos turned out amazing!
Enjoy :)

xo, kassie

Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 Recap #2

Day 7/365
[day 7 :: january 15 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
I'm not going to lie, it was a busy week.  This is one of those photos where I'm like shoot, it's 10 pm and I haven't done my daily photo yet.  Then my eye catches a glimpse of gold off to the side.  Oh, perfect!  I'll take a macro of the most adorable necklace in the whole world!  Haha!  In all seriousness though, I do love macros and I absolutely love this necklace. I wear it almost everyday. :P

Day 8/365
[day 8 :: january 16 :: incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
This was long day number three of the week AND since I had a super productive and satisfying day I rewarded myself with a nice long soak.  There are lots of ugly/outdated things about the house we rent, but I just love those tiles!

DAY 9/365
[day 9 :: january 17 :: incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
What woman doesn't love getting her hair done?  I don't know, some probably.  Personally, it's one of my favorite ways to treat myself.  (Treat yo'self!  ...Parks & Rec anyone?)  I've been wanting some ombre hair for awhile and I finally got it.  It turned out so great!  Quite frankly this photo doesn't do it justice, oh well!

Day 10/365
[day 10 :: january 18 :: incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
This was another one of those "oh shoot it's late and I need my picture" days.  Luckily I have a super cute dog for when I slack off. 

Day 11/365
[day 11 :: january 19 :: incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
Brian and I had a great saturday and I have no clue why I didn't get a better picture from earlier in the day.  We headed to the nearest large town and saw a movie (Les Mis - it was fantastic!), ran some errands and ate some dinner.  Oh, and went on a search for a new couch, but no luck yet!  Then we made it home in time for the Wild season opener (finally!) and had some friend's over for some junk food and beer.  It was a blast. Oh...and did I mention the Wild won?  Yea, they won, no big.  :P

Day 12/365
[day 12 :: january 20 :: icredible 2 :: pixlr express]
I literally took this about 15 minutes ago....on my phone!  Sometimes I'm impressed with the decent quality of phone pictures.  Sure it's not perfect, but still pretty awesome.  Brian thought it would look cool (his words) if we set all of our wine corks on the kitchen window sill.  I don't know if it looks cool or not, but for anyone who walks into our kitchen it looks like we are some major wino's. Ha!  (In our defense these have been collected over the past year!)


In other, related, news I'm going to try to use my canon for my photos all next week.  Hopefully, I can stay dedicated and get it done.

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Picture Update! [365]

Day 2/365
[day 2 :: jan 10, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Last Thursday I went out to Happy Hour with some co-workers.  We used to go have "committee meetings" about once a month, but we've been slacking.  This one was in honor of one co-worker moving on to bigger and better things [I hope!].  She put in her two weeks, so we deemed it necessary to give her a send off full of nachos, queso and margaritas!

Day 3/365
[day 3 :: jan 11, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Friday was crazy foggy.  Which, generally, I really enjoy.  However, I am now a commuter - a two-hour-a-day commuter, so the fog kind of blew.  It was really bad in the AM, but had pretty much let up by time I took this photo.  I love the way the air feels and smells after a good fog though,  just heavy.  It's nice.

Day 4/365
[day 4 :: jan 12, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Saturday night Brian & I went out for a date night at a local martini bar.  We were told it's moving out to the country club.  I'm not too thrilled.  Right now it's in the lower part of a coffee shop down town. It's all exposed brick and's trendy and has a nice "date night" vibe.  Which is saying a lot since I live in very rural Iowa.  Now, apparently they are moving the dinner/drink operation out to the golf club.  What the what?  Oh well.  Regardless, this wine is really good if you like red. :)

Day 5/365
[day 5 :: jan 13, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

I literally did nothing but laundry on Sunday.  Laundry, SVU and lots of laying around.  It was glorious!

Day 6/365
[day 6 :: jan 14, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

I now live in the world of prescription sunglasses.  Why have I never got them before? OMG, it's amazing to be able to see AND have protection from the sun.  Seriously.  Sure, I could go the contact route, but it's a pain to deal with those just to drive home from work.  Plus, who wouldn't want Ray Ban prescipts??  :)

I'm hoping once I get going more on this project I'll dedicate weeks to just using my "real" camera.  ::fingerscrossed::

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 project...again?

There’s no time like the present, amiright?

I tried a 365 project once before and I got up to 270-something and then just called it quits. I reasoned with myself that it was no longer bringing me “joy” and that I was frustrated with it. Do I regret quitting? Yes.

So, I’m starting another one. I’m going to alter my rules some and be a bit easier on myself in hopes that I’ll finish. Ideally, I would have started this on the first, ha, but oh well!

Some guidelines for myself...

+Take a photo everyday with ANY camera. It will end up being my cell phone most days, but occasionally it’ll be my dslr. I just don’t want to restrict myself to just my real camera, because if I do I know I won’t finish this challenge. Besides, I have some badass photo apps on my phone that I want to play with more.

+Post said photos no less than ONCE a week. It’s possible I may post more...but again, I really want to finish this time and staying underwhelmed is key. So at the very least, I’ll do a weekly post of my 365 photos.

+Pictures can be anything. Just documentin’ my daily life, yo. I know you are just dying to see what I had for dinner last night. :)

There you have it, that’s it. Annnnnd here’s my first photo. :)

Day one.
[jan 9, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Anyone interested in joining me?

P.S. You can also follow my journey on twitter, facebook or flickr!