Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 Recap #9

Once again I realize I'm WAY behind on posting.  I've just come to accept this and you should too!  I won't lie, I got busy and I've missed a couple days here and there - BUT not any of the days in this posting, so enjoy!!
[day 61 :: march 10 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
Snow, snow and more snow.

Day 62/365
[day 62 :: march 11 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
I forgot I had this other FxCamera app, it's okay.  Can't do anything too crazy with it except it has some really fun "filters" like this one.  Which apparently is some charity that get's money everytime someone uses the filter and shares it!  Anyway, this was an amazing chicken salad sandwich I the form of a water drop! lol

[day 63 :: march 12 :: htc incredible 2 :: PixlrExpress]
Snuggles before bed!

[day 64 :: march 13 :: htc incredible 2 :: PixlrExpress]
More cute Theo!  Can you tell I was lazy these days?

Day 65/365
[day 65 :: march 14 :: htc incredible 2 :: FxCamera]
This is another fun filter from FxCamera...I like it.  Oh yea, and more snow.  :/

[day 66 :: march 15 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr express]
Renewable energy!  We pass a pretty massive wind farm on our way back east,  I'm always snapping pictures because they just look so eerie to me.  Especially when it's foggy!

Day 67/365
[day 67 :: march 16 :: canon rebel :: pse 11]
Morgan!  Oh how I love this doggy!  This is my father's third child, lol. She is a labradoodle (lab + poodle) and super sweet!  Brian and I went "home" to celebrate St. Pat's on this weekend and had a blast!  Morgie even has a green hanker chief on, she's not getting pinched!


More updates coming! :)


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