Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 Recap #11

Day 75/365
[day 75 :: march 24 :: htc incredible 2 :: photo grid]
So yea, it was 10:20 pm and I realized I had yet to take my daily.  This shit is past my bedtime!

Day 76/365
[day 76 :: march 25 :: htc incredible 2 :: instagram + photo grid]
FILLER!  I'm such a dirty cheater.  Seriously, actually remembering to take a photo each and everyday is intense.  Sometimes the day just gets away from you!  This is from our trip to Minneapolis.

Day 77/365
[day 77 :: march 26 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
Just keep running, just keep running....

Day 78/365
[day 78 :: march 27 :: canon rebel xsi :: pse 11]
This was a little experiment - while I don't love this image, I like it.  And I like the concept, so I'm going to try it again in the future with a stronger silhouette shape.

Day 79/365
[day 79 :: march 28 :: htc incredible 2 :: instagram]
This is what usually greats me in the morning.  The scene is not always this adorable, but they are always there. :)

Day 80/365
[day 80 :: march 29 :: htc incredible 2 :: instagram]
We bought a new couch!  Well, new to us couch...and I love it. It's got a retro vibe and it's avocado green, what more could you want?

Day 81/365
[day 81 :: march 30 :: canon rebel xsi :: pse11]
Happy Birthday Missy! :)  Ha, okay those are belated now, but whatever.  I baked her a cake batter cheesecake for her birthday and lemme just say, this shit was amazing.  For real.  I wish I had some right now....


slowly catching up!


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