Wednesday, February 20, 2013

365 Recap #5

Here's the thing...I'm WAY behind on posting. I know - I've just been swamped at...well life.  However, I actually only missed my photo one day this whole time. I wish I wouldn't have, but oh well.  Since it's been so long since my last recap, I'm going to break it into two posts.  Enjoy :)

Day 29/365
[day 29 :: feb 6 :: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
I can't even remember this day...but I know I was commuting to work! :P

Day 30/365
[day 30 :: feb 7:: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
I had myself a little late night snack...a cheese quesadilla and a hot toddy.  Oooo, now I remember - this was the week of my man voice!  Seriously, I got this stupid insane cold and, along with it, a husky, deep voice. Ha!

Day 31/365
[day 31 :: feb 8:: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
Yea...I see this a lot.

Day 32/365
[day 32 :: feb 9:: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
I have this crazy deadline at work and I went in on this Saturday to try to get more stuff done.  On a whim Brian decide to come up with me (for those of you who don't know my job is in a town an hour away) and get some school work down at a local coffee shop.  Well, this joint has the best grilled cheese and tomato basil soup ever.  Ever.  If you find yourself in Algona, go to The Perky Parrot.  Trust me.

Day 33/365
[day 33 :: feb 10:: Canon Rebel Xsi:: photoshop cs2]
Cleaning day!  And it turned out to be kind of rainy weather wise.  Okay not kinda...our neighbour's backyard had a pond in it by evening time.  Then the next day I could have gone ice skating on it...but I didn't. Lol.

Day 34/365 - sort of...
[day 34 :: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
Confession time, this photo is actually from a few days later.  This is the day I forgot to take a photo - I took the one you are looking at on the 13th...Theo lusting over our Valentine's dinner.  So, yea...I missed a day, but I still wanted to give you something new to look at. :P

Day 35/365
[day 35 :: feb 12:: Canon Rebel Xsi:: photoshop cs2]
Shoes.  I started training again...and signed up for The Color Run in Des Moines this summer.  Yikes!  Wish me luck!!

Day 36/365
[day 36 :: feb 13:: Canon Rebel Xsi:: photoshop cs2]
Our dinner.  It was fantastic by the way.  Brian and I celebrated Valentines a night early, because my family was coming into town.  We had bought some lobster tails from trader joe's so we steamed them.  So yummy!  Oh, and Brian officially declared me as not picky.  Not just because of the lobster, but just in generally.  My family would describe me as the pickiest eater ever growing up, but Brian has gotten me to try so many things - and I'm glad for it.  Seriously, I would never have even looked at a lobster before.

Look for another recap later this week.


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