Monday, January 14, 2013

Picture Update! [365]

Day 2/365
[day 2 :: jan 10, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Last Thursday I went out to Happy Hour with some co-workers.  We used to go have "committee meetings" about once a month, but we've been slacking.  This one was in honor of one co-worker moving on to bigger and better things [I hope!].  She put in her two weeks, so we deemed it necessary to give her a send off full of nachos, queso and margaritas!

Day 3/365
[day 3 :: jan 11, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Friday was crazy foggy.  Which, generally, I really enjoy.  However, I am now a commuter - a two-hour-a-day commuter, so the fog kind of blew.  It was really bad in the AM, but had pretty much let up by time I took this photo.  I love the way the air feels and smells after a good fog though,  just heavy.  It's nice.

Day 4/365
[day 4 :: jan 12, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

Saturday night Brian & I went out for a date night at a local martini bar.  We were told it's moving out to the country club.  I'm not too thrilled.  Right now it's in the lower part of a coffee shop down town. It's all exposed brick and's trendy and has a nice "date night" vibe.  Which is saying a lot since I live in very rural Iowa.  Now, apparently they are moving the dinner/drink operation out to the golf club.  What the what?  Oh well.  Regardless, this wine is really good if you like red. :)

Day 5/365
[day 5 :: jan 13, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

I literally did nothing but laundry on Sunday.  Laundry, SVU and lots of laying around.  It was glorious!

Day 6/365
[day 6 :: jan 14, 2013 :: droid incredible 2 :: pixlr express]

I now live in the world of prescription sunglasses.  Why have I never got them before? OMG, it's amazing to be able to see AND have protection from the sun.  Seriously.  Sure, I could go the contact route, but it's a pain to deal with those just to drive home from work.  Plus, who wouldn't want Ray Ban prescipts??  :)

I'm hoping once I get going more on this project I'll dedicate weeks to just using my "real" camera.  ::fingerscrossed::

Happy Monday!

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