Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 Recap #3

Oh yes, I have been good.  I took all this weeks photo's with my Canon...except Saturday's.  Oh well! :P

Day 13/365
[day 13 :: jan 21 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
My parents gave us their old espresso/coffee maker, since it was just gathering dust in the basement, and Brian is in love.  I had actually had my daily photo done when he came out with a cup of cappuccino and said, "Here, you can use this for your daily picture!".  So I did. :)

Day 14/365
[day 14 :: jan 22 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
One of my vintage camera's.  It doesn't work.  Well, maybe it does, but the rubber ring used to focus the lens is broken so I can't focus on anything.  When I tried to take a "pretend" picture everything make the right clicky sounds, so it could work.  Maybe I'll try to find a new lens for it.

Day 15/365
[day 15 :: jan 23 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
I love pomegranates.   Have you had one?  They are a pain to prepare, but so worth it!

Day 16/365
[day 16 :: jan 24 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
I'm sorry, but you are going to see a lot of this guy (I'm guessing...).   Actually, I'm not sorry! He's flippin' adorable!  He had a haircut earlier in the day along with a traumatic event - his collar got stuck to the bottom of the kennel at the groomers.  So, basically his head was glued to the ground for who knows how long.  Poor Theo!  Oh and yes, you are not mistaken and I have not cheated.  That pretty bokeh in the background is my tree!  All the ornaments are off, we just need to take it down stairs...until then I should probably unplug it from the stupid timer! ha!

Day 17/365.
[day 17 :: jan 25 :: canon rebel xsi :: photoshop cs2]
Omg, I hate this picture.  BUT it's all I got.  I tried to tone down the crazy glare.  Obviously, I wasn't too concerned about my photo friday night. Grr.

Day 18/365
[day 18 :: jan 26 :: HTC droid incredible 2 :: photoshop cs2]
Took this with my phone camera, but spruced up the colors a bit in photoshop.  We went to dinner with our couple friends the other night.  I think partly to celebrate Tyler's birthday, but also because our favorite restaurant in town is moving to the Golf club ( I think I told you this already...), so we wanted to go enjoy the trendy spot one last time.  It was a good time! 

Okay, so my goal for next week is to stop taking macro's inside my home.  I'm going to attempt to brave the shitty weather and get some shots outside!


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