Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello...& Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Hello & Welcome!
I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting a photography blog together - and I’ve finally done it! Let’s see. about me...I love photography, have a day job working in county government and...today is my 28th birthday! I have this habit of making lists, it’s an impulse even. So, last year on my birthday I made a list of goals and I’m going to do the same today. Plus I thought it would be a great way to introduce myself. Enjoy. :)

28 before 29

  1. Focus on building my photography business. [Check out my website and facebook page!]
  2. Buy a new lens for my camera.
  3. Donate my hair this year. Do it!
  4. Keep reading! Goal is 20 books this year & for two of them to be “classics”.
  5. Celebrate 2 years with Brian in March!
  6. Get several new products up in my Etsy shop.
  7. Assuming the NHL gets their heads out of their asses...go see a Wild game! 
  8. Get the basement picked up & organized.
  9. Expand our liquor/drink knowledge by trying new drinks at home, keep track of which ones we do and don’t like! Maybe this one or this one?
  10. Make decorating efforts on our home! I have major ideas for the bedroom, bathroom and livingroom!Bedroom Inspiration Board
  11. Get a new tattoo! ….with Brian perhaps?
  12. Go on a vacation! (somewhere I haven’t been before..)
  13. Plant and tend to a garden, either in our yard or at the community garden.
  14. Go to a Zumba or Yoga class! Dooo it!
  15. Get musical - not sure how yet. Guitar? Look for a reasonable piano or keyboard - maybe mine just needs new batteries?
  16. Make that maxi skirt!
  17. Pick at least SIX “Pinterest Projects” and complete them! Like maybe finally make a terrarium! 
  18. Buy myself a quality item from Ruche. I constantly lust over their clothes, yet I’ve never purchased anything!
  19. Get in shape. That’s vague, ideally I’d like to set up a workout schedule, stick to it and lose about 10 lbs.
  20. Go on walking dates with Missy (once it’s warmer, ha...).
  21. Start exploring state parks with Brian, we talked about trying to visiting every state park in Iowa...I think we should start making it a reality! Aim for 3 or 4 this summer!
  22. Go see all those Madison Bridges! They have a special time for touring in the fall.
  23. Create a photo book on blurb, to sell. Maybe a midwest or Iowa theme.
  24. Stop biting my nails/peeling nail polish. Such a gross habit.
  25. Celebrate Halloween properly...we missed it this year!
  26. Brew our own beer. (I’d like to do this, but I know Brian REALLY would like to do this)
  27. Re-learn how to shoot a gun & pass the hunter’s safety course.
  28. Start journaling again, more actively...so you know, more than once every few months. Ha!
Have a great one!

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