Saturday, May 25, 2013

365 Update #16

I'm so ridiculously behind on posting that it's just sad.  Basically, the more photos that I had building up  the less I wanted to deal with them! Luckily, it's a long weekend and I have zero plans - so I have zero excuses!  Sit back, relax and be prepared for several blog updates this weekend!

Day 110/365
[day 110 :: april 28 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
This one is a lie.  It's another filler, but I hadn't shared it yet (at least not on this blog).  It's from awhile ago when Brian and I went geocaching. :)

[day 111 :: april 29 :: htc incredible 2 :: pse 11]
My 5k training is going AWESOME.  I've passed some milestones that never seemed possible before and it just feels great!

[day 112 :: april 30 :: htc incredible 2 :: pse 11]
I got a little cactus plant...isn't he cute?  

[day 113 :: may 1 :: htc incredible 2 :: pse 11]
Oops, my bad - this is the only photo I took that day.  It's of my food of course...little taco bites.  The picture is crap, but the dinner was yummy!

[day 114 :: may 2 :: htc incredible 2 :: pse 11]
So this happened.
I'm not joking.  I think we got about 8 inches of HEAVY you can see our tree is touching the ground.  It usually isn't...le sigh.  At least it melted pretty quickly.

[day 115 :: may 3 :: canon rebel xsi :: pse 11]
Cutest. Dog. Ever.  Seriously, what a ham!  He spent a good 15 minutes just rolling around on the floor letting me take pictures of him! :)

[day 116 :: may 5 :: htc incredible 2 :: pixlr xpress]
Happy day early!  We went to a nearby "big" town to see Iron Man 3 and celebrate with mexican food.  The movie was pretty good and the margaritas were even better!

More updates coming!


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